ttt if you'd order this...

...tournament series of PPVs

---------JANUARY -----------

Tim Sylvia vs. Ibraghim Magomedev,

Travis Wiuff vs. Vladimir Matyushenko,

Cabbage vs. Paul Buentello,

Gan McGee vs. Ulysses Castro,

Shaolin Ribiero vs. Joachim Hansen,

Bart Palaszewski vs. Yves Edwards,

Bang Ludwig vs. Santino Defranco,

Hermes Franca vs. Nick Agallar

------- MARCH ------------

Bill Mahood vs. Jason MacDonald,

Chuck Liddell vs. Vitor Belfort,

Rich Franklin vs. Yuki Kondo,

Babalu Sobral vs. Forrest Griffin,

Matt Hughes vs. Karo Parisyan,

BJ Penn vs. Jake Shields,

Sean Sherk vs. Jutaro Nakao,

Georges St. Pierre vs. Ray Cooper

------ MAY --------

Joe Doerksen vs. Matt Lindland,

Phillip Miller vs. Masanori Suda,

Jason Miller vs. Jeremy Horn,

Ansar Chalangov vs. Ricardo Almeida,

alternate bouts:

Ian Freeman vs. Frank Mir (HW),

Mikko Rupponen vs. Edwin Dewees (LHW),

Chris Lytle vs. Mark Long (WW),

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Charles Bennett (LW),

Dustin Denes vs. Denis Kang (MW)

----- JULY ------

semi-final matches:

(Sylvia/Magomedev) vs. (Wiuff/Matyushenko),

(Cabbage/Buentello) vs. (Castro/McGee),

(Mahood/MacDonald) vs. (Liddell/Belfort),

(Franklin/Kondo) vs. (Babalu/Griffin),

(Hughes/Parisyan) vs. (Penn/Shields),

(Sherk/Nakao) vs. (St. Pierre/Cooper),

(Ribiero/Hansen) vs. (Palaszewski/Edwards),

(Ludwig/Defranco) vs. (Franca/Agallar)

---- SEPTEMBER -----

semi-final matches:

(Doerksen/Lindland) vs. (P. Miller/Suda),

(J. Miller/Horn) vs. (Chalangov/Almeida),


Jimmy Ambriz vs. Eric Pele,

Remijigius Morkevicius vs. Stephen Paling,

Tito Ortiz vs. Lee Murray,

Ken Shamrock vs. Tank Abbott,

Robbie Lawler vs. Pete Spratt

---- November (Night Of Champions) ----

Five title fights (5X5 minute rounds) to determine the year's top fighter in the 5 main weight classes...




(St. Pierre/Sherk/Nakao/Cooper)

(Doerksen/Lindland/P. Miller/Suda)
(Chalangov/J. Miller/Horn/Almeida)

Then the next year, we pick 8 fighters from each division, (some re-entries, some new entries) and do it again!

ttt if you're down with that!!!

Of course.

"Travis Wiuff vs. Vladimir Matyushenko, Chuck Liddell vs. Vitor Belfort,Sean Sherk vs. Jutaro Nakao, Ian Freeman vs. Frank Mir (HW), Robbie Lawler vs. Pete Spratt "

I already have all of these on tape.Lytle/Long would be an awesome fight though


Re-matches / aren't always bad.

Mahood/MacDonald would actually be a rubber match to break the one-win-each tie.

Ribiero/Hansen would also be a re-match of a Shooto title fight.

Interesting to see if the loser in each case can make the adjustments for the re-match.

So three people then? :)

bump for a reason :)


I would order it just because I admire the time it took you to think of that post.

Yeah, I'd order them all.

But you aren't gonna get Zuffa to adopt that system.

I'd take the idea and start my own promotion.

where is Clementi in all that?

Where is Thompson in all that?

I like Ludwig but who is Santino Defranco??

Guys, the LW division is so ridiculously deep with guys who have stellar resumes, you could easily make a 16 or 32-man tourney.

Attwood is one as well. :)