Tucker owns neo cons again - hurting americans need our own tax dollars, not more globalist wars


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tucker is putting out the correct idea (i hope it gets more traction), lets primary all these neo con traitors from the pro america right. any of these jack asses that care more about Ukraine then america should pick up thier shit and run for office in ukraine.


We need to vote the warhawks out. These people are arm deep in their corruption and it puts us all at risk.

Nancy Pelosi posing for pics with a giant smile in an active war zone was the same lady terrified for her life on 01/06.


I recently made a similar point to a progressive friend of mine. I pointed out that his views and arguments for supporting Ukraine are directly in line with the neo con views that got us into Iraq. His rebuttal was to preach to me that I’m going against my Christian values and imply I’m a bad Christian. I should’ve asked him if we’re now making policy based on Christian values, if he’s okay with outlawing abortion


That would’ve made him cry or kill a baby

Exactly. Absolutely zero underlying principles and values. Just wherever and whatever the wind take them I.e. feelings.

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sicko and liyon, the left pisses me off for many reasons one of them being that they are so gullable to the lowest snake oil salesman propaganda. they run off emotion and nothing else. zero independent thinking or critical thinking. one thing you can count on is those pussies are incapable of fighting in the wars they are so eager to start, that will be left to the rest of us as usual.

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good post btw sicko, i interact with many on the left, nobody is gonna accuse me of being in any bubble.

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Yeah, I have several far leftist friends. What I find really interesting is all through Trump’s presidency, they would text me ranting over whatever the latest thing he did that the media told them they should be outraged over. Yet during the Biden presidency they’re very quiet. On the rare occasion something comes up during conversation, suddenly “oh, I don’t know about that, I don’t follow politics much”

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The leftard reprobates ALWAYS try to weaponize Christianity against Christian. Same old shtick.

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