TUF 10: Episode 5 recap

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With four straight wins to open the 10th season of "The Ultimate Fighter," coach Rashad Evans is understandably excited. But as the episode opens, he reminds himself not to get too excited just yet.

The action then immediately shifts to Team Rashad's Matt Mitrione formerly known as "the snitch," who has tweaked his left shoulder in training. The former NFL player tries to work through the pain, and he lets Evans know a Cortisone shot might be in order.

Evans, who has taken to referring to Mitrione as "Meathead," doesn't think the shot is a good idea. The two debate whether the shoulder is sore or actually injured, and Evans makes the decision that the shot is not the right solution.

Team Rampage's Marcus Jones, who says he's ready to fight, walks in on a Team Rashad informal meeting and tries to wedge his way into a bout. Evans offers him a glimmer of hope, and Jones latches on. In his own words, he "goes coo coo for Cocoa Puffs."

As Team Rampage's training session opens, coach Quinton "Rampage" Jackson laments his team's 0-4 status. In fact, Jackson says the constant losing is messing up his personal life – his sex life in fact.

Jackson is certain Evans is going to pick Zak Jensen, the last fighter picked and the man whom "Rampage" says has the least skills of anyone on the team.

"He's a big guy, and he's got wrestling," Jackson says. "Yeah, that's all he got going for him."

Jensen tries to work from his back, but he's struggling to keep up. His teammate, Scott Junk, says Jensen is a good guy but "a turd at practice." Jackson says if Jensen is picked he'll try to help his team member win, but he won't "get [his] hopes up too high."

Back at the house, wildman Wes Sims finally gets some camera time. He says he almost rolled his ankle trying to avoid stepping "on a family of Jensens." Come on, what would "The Ultimate Fighter" be without a little semen talk.

Jensen insists he may have blown his nose, but he did not "jerk Mr. Happy." Sims and the rest of the house don't buy the excuse, and Jensen is left by himself.

Back at the gym, Mitrione is resting his left shoulder. Evans thinks he's seeking attention more than dealing with an injury. Mitrione insists he wants to fight ASAP to prove his worth to the team, but Evans says it's more important to get to full strength before entering the cage. The Team Rashad coaches think he needs to get his mental focus straight as well.

During a Team Rampage workout, Jensen's supposed shower actions are shared with their coach. On the mat, things aren't going much better for Jensen, as he's choked unconscious by Sims.

A commercial break brings us back to the house, and Mitrione's teammates aren't excited that he's still able to shoot hoops in the pool and throw a football despite being unable to train at 100 percent.

Almost everyone in the house has a take on the injury, and "the snitch" isn't getting much sympathy. Back at the gym, the coaches declare Mitrione's shoulder an "owie" instead of an injury. When Mitrione asks to ice the shoulder at the tail-end of practice, Evans' frustration is evident.

Mitrione says he understands where his coach is coming from, but he wishes he could switch out his arms like an old He-man figurine.

It's finally fight selection time, and Evans picks his own Justin Wren to face Team Rampage's Sims. It's a switch from the original plans that Mitrione divulged, but Wren asked not to be forced to fight his friend Junk.

Evans believes despite Sims' experience, Wren is better in all aspects of the game.

Meanwhile, "Big Baby" Jones is livid. He feels Evans promised to pick him as an opponent, though the coach (correctly) insists he didn't.

After a break, Wren shares a little of his background. The 22-year-old, who fights out of Travis Lutter's camp in Texas, believes his wrestling will prove the difference in the fight. It's youth vs. experience, and Wren believes his relentlessness will prevail.

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I'm surprised Wren was 247. He looks like he could trim to 205.

Great performance by Wren

Wow, that was a lot less painful than watching the whole show. UG news voted up. 

^^^ agreed great overview

Wes simms tries WAY too hard to be funny, and he isn't, at all.

Loved seeing him closed out after all the talk.

 Sims is awful no matter what weight

RLL -  How weird is it that kimbo fucking SLICE actually did better in his TUF debut than Wes Sims did... lol.

i thought wes was the one win rampage would have over everyone...i was SADLy mistaken

facepalms at the kimbo for the wrestling comment

Wren is a stud. This kid has a hell of a future in MMA.

I couldn't believe how easy it was for Wren to choke out Wes. I have to start keeping better track of the new and up coming fighters because I had never heard of Wren...now I am looking forward to his fights in the future.

I hate this show. Those guys should be embarassed.