TUF 10 ratings hold steady for #6, 2.8 million vie

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                                TUF 10 ratings hold steady for #6, 2.8 million viewers

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"The Ultimate Fighter 10" ratings hold steady for episode No. 6 with 2.8 million viewers

Sustaining the same audience size from the previous week, the Oct. 21 episode of "The Ultimate Fighter 10" drew 2.8 million viewers, Spike TV today announced.

The show drew 433,000 viewers in the men 18-24 demographic and topped the 430,000 viewers in that demo who tuned in to watch MLB's National League Championship Series, which aired in the same timeslot on TBS.

The "TUF 10" debut set a ratings record with 4.1 million viewers (topping the "TUF 3" debut by 1.3 million viewers), and when DVR viewing was included, pushed the total audience to 4.5 million viewers.

The bar was set even higher in week three for the highly anticipated and promoted fight between final IFL champion Roy Nelson and former EliteXC headliner and street-fighting sensation Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson. That episode drew 5.3 million viewers and peaked with a whopping 6.1 million viewers.

The full breakdown of ratings (not including DVR viewing) includes:
    * "TUF 10" episode No. 1: 4.5 million viewers
    * "TUF 10" episode No. 2: 2.9 million viewers
    * "TUF 10" episode No. 3: 5.3 million viewers
    * "TUF 10" episode No. 4: 2.8 million viewers
    * "TUF 10" episode No. 5: 2.8 million viewers
    * "TUF 10" episode No. 6: 2.8 million viewers

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