TUF 10 - Still As Real As It Gets (vid)

1 more week...

 awesome vid

Wow what a badass video... coolest description of ring jitters ever.

 this season definetly looks like the fights are gonna be good. With all the athletes in this season and veterans of MMA how could this not be one of the best seasons.

 Wow... that IS a good promo. He really comes through as sincere, like it's not just a PR schtick. Very cool.

'...mingle with the cosmos....' 



Seriously, that is intense!

 Wow, i think it's the first time that the UFC produces a hype up video that i like.

ttt that was very cool. It really is hard to explain the feeling you get win you win a fight. I will never forget the first time I won in front of a big crowed.

ttt for later

Incredible promo.

TTT for Marcus fucking Jones!!

That is a friggin great video. That is the essence of the sport. That is what it SHOULD be about, at least.

That was great!


kimbo was either fighting sims or wren
jus saying...

theres a moment in that vid where he pauses between "...its like a big dump..." and "of adrenaline."

I definitely had an ORLY!? moment for a split second.

Dude if you feeling onipotenet there is a pill called viagra for that+

 Holy shit.  no heavy rock music and something that actually touches on the fighting spirit.


I have a feeling I'm really going to like Marcus Jones, and if not I'm going to be forced to because they are promoting the hell out of him with all these videos.

Dudes huge though.