TUF 12 knockout in house?

I remember seeing a clip of one of the fighters in the backyard of the house having a drink. Another fighter gets into his face. The fighter having a drink tells him, "You are way too close", but the fighter continues to get in his face.

The fighter places his drink down and punches the guy in the head and drops him.

The clip was shown as a preview during an episode but the actual footage was never shown again.

Does anybody know anything about this?

i think i read it had something to do with dana not being told about it or some shit like that, so it never got shown.

God I love the underground! This place is the best. That took two minutes!

Thanks guys.

Cause this ain't bum fights.

From what i heard Paige's jaw was broken after the punch.  Was an interview with Brookins that mentioned it I think.


ttt for jeff lentz!! :)

Looked like Spencer let him punch him. Yes no?