I don't know if you guys remember, but Angela Hill was one of my first subjects for "NY MMA" back when it was meant as a web series. Now today, Angie has made it into the Strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighter. Time has flown!

We have a new web series dedicated to following Angie "Overkill" in her new career as an MMA fighter, her origins from Evolution Muay Thai (with crazy-ass Brandon Levi) and more to come...

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Episode 2 is now up!

This one focuses more on her gym, Evolution Muay Thai and the head coach, good friend (who's also batshit crazy in a good way), Brandon Levi.

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Fucking love this girl! Phone Post 3.0

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I get a good feeling about her, cant wait to see more Phone Post 3.0

God damn she is beautiful

Decimated -
RowdyBec - Fucking love this girl! Phone Post 3.0

i say feed her some cans!  Line up some busters, allow her to develop her skills on them. We got a lil supa stah heeah!

She doesn't need cans, she is legit!! Phone Post 3.0

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shes the darkhorse imo

whoo hooo angie!
This girl is gonna win the whole thing. She has a level of physicality and aggression with her punches that no other girl except maybe cyborg has.

Really hope Angela goes far in the UFC. She's awesome! hold it down for NY!

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I've seen her training at RGA for the past couple of days. She looks awesome!