TUF 3: Episode 5...

one of the most satisfying results in tuf yet.

Loved seeing Rory win!

Submission was expected but it was awesome seeing him use the kick and punches... Tito called it, Lead with a jab, follow through with the kick... nice!

Death to Dagger!


did not seem like the kick even landed, however the bombs afterword did!

Solomon did not take the loss well. He seemed to think it was bullshit.


"Solomon did not take the loss well. He seemed to think it was bullshit. "

lol, someone mail him the clip.

That was cool - a snap down with your freaking leg. Now that's using your legs like arms!

vermonter is right,they should have all been CARDIO ready.Solomon thought he had this one in the bag,and gassed himself trying to end it in style.I thought Solomon was good for t.v.Had me laughing!!

I'm very proud of Rory, I thought he handled himself very well.

IMO a few weeks of cardio training can have a huge impact on performance. Getting in and out of shape happens pretty fast.

The best part was after the fight when Soloman said "What happened did I win? What, he won?"

good episode.

TTT for Rory

This was put up on my myspace page. It may help show what did the damage at first:

It was definitely the knee.


Filthguy AKA Carson please don't peddle your racist wannabe MMA show here nobody cares!


Congrats on a great win! That picture really does isolate the knee, it is hard to pick up at full speed.

It was great to see someone who really seems to do good with his life, get something good for himself in return for all his hard work!


Unfortunately one has to fight until the ref steps in and stops it. I jumped on him as soon as he dropped and kept hitting him until Herb stepped in. I couldn't think about not hitting him and it was unfortunate that he took maybe one too many.

solomons gone now i can enjoy the show a lot better. nice kick to the dome


My mistake bro. I see what you meant the first time. It is a hard job for the ref. Those punches landed in a matter of seconds. I guess it took some reaction time to process he was out before he could get in there to stop it.

Solomon appeared to be okay at the end of it at least. The hospital trip is mandatory with a KO.

ttt singer, good job on shutting him up!!!

Great fight Rory!

I realize you probably can't say much but I imagine you were pretty pissed when you found out how much training info Kendall gave Solomon about you before the fight...