TUF 4 fighter list!!!!!!!


Jorge Rivera

Patrick Cote

Charles McCarthy

Keith Hackney

Giddeon Ray

Mark Weir

Edwin Dewees/Jermaine Andre

Travis Lutter


Matt Serra

Shonie Carter

Din Thomas

Chris Lytle

Rich Clementi

Mikey Burnett

Pete Spratt

Nick Diaz

cote 185
diaz 170


i know a few of those to be true. not sure about the others though.

keith hackney though? huh.

thats the best list i've seen to date. i had heard about 4 or 5 guys in each
weight class and they're all on that list so i'm assuming the others are
correct as well. how about hackney making a comeback? that should be
interesting to watch. this season will be the best yet and by far. the talent
level is incredibly high.

A source would be good.

I don't think this is the official list, i have doubts towards Diaz, Hackney, and i tought Lytle was doing The Contender.

what about the 8th 185 pounder

Not official imo

Cote, McCarthy, Rivera tops at middle. some interesting characters for sure. should be a good season.

your missing someone from the 185lbs class. you only have seven.

not sure of the 8th 185 pounder

List is from MMAWEEKLY and other sources, it's not like im some UFC/Zuffa insider. Just passing along information

wish Curtis Stout would have recieved a call from the ufc. Dewees turned down a fight with him and hes ko'd mark weir. Would be next to impossible to square off against jorge rivera though. weve become friends with him and mark delagrotte. I will be watching this season. best one ever fight wise.

Keith Hackney?!?!?!

amazing Curtis didn't get a call up

Good luck to you guys on 1st July, Dan

These guys are all going to compete for a UFC contract? Haven't they all been in the UFC? Some still are.

I haven't seen Keith in over a year but I don't think he's near 185, plus he's Gideons coach. Gideon also fights well below 185 if I remember correctly. And Shonnie is easily walking around at 205-210, that's one hell of a drop to 170. I wouldn't put too much faith in that list.

too bad yeah, never got a call. But we are happy with cage rage and some smaller shows that are wanting him to fight. Its all good and I wish especially Jorge well, When his mind is on, hes one of the best in the world.

Plus, I cant see Curtis locked up in a house with people for 6 weeks.lol

Fuck that, Nick Diaz does not need TUF to get a push in the UFC. I don't buy that list.

The winners get a title shot

No I know that, I just think Diaz can make his own way up the ladder, you know? They will really have to make it look like these guys belong, not make it look like they are past their chance at success.