TUF 4 fighter list!!!!!!!

if true thats pretty cool

Serra and Din hate each othey. Hackney is Ray's instructor. Serra vs. Carter rematch would be cool, and how can Hackney make 185?

That list is true, believe it

-I had already heard a strong rumor about Hackney, so I believe the list, it's the only one I've seen that mentions him.

Well, orignally (and currently) some fighters complained about TUF guys getting unfair popularity from being tv, looks like these vets decided to embrace it. Really that is the only reason any of them would agree to do the show. The incentive is purely fame and exposure, not money or a contract since they could all get that already( Well, maybe except for Hackney, whose been gone so long I wouldnt see the UFC seeking him out).

For die hard mma fans, this show will go through the roof. I mean, week after week, you know you are in for an intriguing matchup. Great idea.

I think this list looks great why Hackney? Is UFC getting so watered down they have to start looking for OLD ANCIENT fighters with name reconigtion to try to draw intrest? a.k.a. Royce Gracie. Who is next Dan Severns, Don Frye, Kimo, the ONLY one that makes sense to me is Bas Rutten.

While Burnett and Diaz should ensure that the drama doesn't get to out of hand.

I heard HAckney was rumored to be one of the coachs. He's a trainer now, Gideon's trainer

List has been edited....Travis Lutter is at 185 too


ttt for Keith Hackney's contraceptive shots.

Imagine what the man could do if he decided to use elbows on Joe Son...

'steel cups are obligatory in the tuf mansion from now on'

what if gideon ray and hackney had to square off ?????? is this for real ? hackney looks too big to make 185.

But there aren't any giants on that list for the giant killer to kill???

this is going to be good.

What are the odds of Nick Diaz making it through the show without getting into a fight in the house? If he doesn't, he wins this thing.

How many complete sentences will he get out without being bleeped?

How old is Hackney? It seems like it would be a lot harder to come in old in the lighter divisions where most have very fast reflexes.

Keith Hackney is 62 years old.

gimme a break.

Tiki Ghosn should be on that list somewhere.

Pete Sell is supposed to be up there...

But that looks like the list I have.

Not Tiki.