TUF 5 application/tryouts?

Anyone know what's going on with TUF 5?


i know you should try out for it

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Oct/Nov casting on east coast supposedly, for remaining spots.

or from cincinnati

Get on there Chad.

Represent Canadadia.

Matt Wiman and Beau Taylor for TUF 5!

is it really the 155 division?

fabes - whats OMA's striking like?

OMA actually has very good striking.

Since he learned from Hackleman and Liddell, he has the big powerful looping punches. He hits very hard and is very quick/athletic.

He's very well rounded.

Curtis thanks man.... ya I'd move back up in weight for it that'd be cool. If I could get vid of the pizza fight that'd be good for it.

Was just curious if they are taking vids or how it works this season, and where to send. I know a couple people that want to try.


hell, i'd go to 155 for the chance - lets keep this up