TUF 7 Spoilers?

Who do you think will be on the show?


We now know the coaches, any predictions on what fighters?

I bet Dana White shows up on there too.

Thanks OSM

wrong forum asshole, that goes to what if


:) had to do it

it's another comeback season...

rich franklin tears through everyone, and gets yet another shot at anderson silva

tough crowd today

I will guess that Raul Castillo makes it

i believe final casting is going on right now.
i knew of a few people out for final interviews last week.
so dont think its quite done.

I don't want spoilers, I just want to know the list of fighters to see if there's anyone I know. (one of the fighters from our school is in the finals). Also, someone else from a nearby school is also in the finals.

I predict two fighters will leave the show because they're worried about their girlfriends eating someone elses cake.

some cocky motherfucker gets knocked out in 40 seconds in his first fight.


Thanks for your input