TUF 9: Episode 9 Ratings

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                                TUF 9: Episode 9 Ratings

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                    <p>TUF 9 Week 9 earned a 1.1 household rating &mdash; a 1.34 in Men 18-49, a .88 in People 18-49, a 1.58 in Men 18-34, a 1.26 in Men 12-17, and an average audience of 1.4 million viewers.</p>

The quarter hour breakdown was as follows:


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So is this good or bad? The numbers alone don't help.

It's solid by the standards of what it's been getting lately.

Not bad for awful TV.

not too shabby.

As far as I know it's just the estimated percentage of TVs that get that channel that were tuned into that episode of whatever show, extrapolated from the viewing habits of people with nielsen boxes.

how bout a link asshole.... or at least re-write it a bit...put a little effort in

Those are slightly better ratings than what TNA gets on the same network.