TUF Brazil 4 Coaches Aldo and McGregor?

With Conor being brought down to Brazil to hype his upcoming potential bout with Aldo, along with Dana announcing at the post fight presser that they've picked the coaches for TUF Brazil 4 but can't announce them yet, and now the revelation that filming will take place in Las Vegas (http://www.mmafighting.com/2014/10/27/7077639/the-ultimate-fighter-brazil-4-to-be-filmed-in-las-vegas-in-2015), what are the chances they're planning to do Aldo and McGregor as coaches (under the stipulation that Conor beats Siver)? Possibly capped off by an attendance record breaking stadium show.

Would be cool except for the delay it would put on the fight. But I don't think it will happen. Phone Post 3.0

Please no Phone Post 3.0

maybe Shogun and Machida? trilogy fight at 185


xsrg95 - maybe Shogun and Machida? trilogy fight at 185

This is fine, no belts involved, perfectly fine. Not Conor and Aldo.


But I'm sure Dana is stroking shaft to do it, so they will, you know it, and he will call it "THE CRAZIEST SEASON YET" and fall completely flat like always.

ChaosOverkill -


This. Im so sick of this tuf bs ruining fights. Have retired fighters take the role. Forrest griffin isnt doing anything right now Phone Post 3.0

Really hope not. Coaching should be left for contenders- it log jams divisions having champions coach, then wait for the season to premiere, then hopefully not get injured along the way. Phone Post 3.0

Mendes vs Connor as coaches would be great. Would give Mendes time to recover and put him in position to have a trilogy with Aldo. He did great in his last fight with Aldo. McGregor would finally get a top win under his belt and add credibility to his title fight with Aldo if he were to win. With the beef between them it would sell great and also the follow up fight with Aldo would sell great based on the storyline regardless of who won the contest. As someone else said, we don't need another Champion on a show clogging up the lanes to the top. Top contenders should be on the show with a crack at the title as a reward. Phone Post 3.0