TUF Brazil's Women "Coaches"?

Uhmm. I just watched the first TUF Brazil (S3) episode and they have extra women coaches (one for each team). One is a VOLLEYBALL player and the other is a BASKETBALL player.

What the fuck? I'm no chauvinist, but that shit is ridiculous.

If you gotta have women for the Brazilian audience, why not have women fighters as assistant coaches?

Sorry if this have been posted already.

Makes no sense to me.

If you're going to have two women on the show that have nothing to do with mma at least make sure theyre good looking.

And they arent Phone Post 3.0

I guess those two are somewhat popular in Brazil and they're just there to boost the ratings. I'm still scratching my head, though!

It was really irritating how many questions they were asked. Every fight they had some comment that was ridiculous. They must be really popular in Brazil and ufc is hoping they get some new fans to watch because of them. Phone Post 3.0

I know it's really stupid.

From the comments they made during the fight, i'll assume they aren't very knowledgeable of the sport. I thought that they would be a translator for Chael or something

i have to agree with all, those 2   50 year old women dont belong on the show.

but the ring girl contest is a good idea...

Think it was jus a way to help sonnen to translate on screen so they done it with some vag which is slightly ridiculous Phone Post 3.0

Tharian - In Brasil there are only 4 major open TV channels and Globo is bigger than the other 3 combined. That being said, they really need to somehow keep the regular housewife woman interest and keeping them tunned in Globo and not switch to other channels - who in the past 2 seasons learned to put a woman driven shows on the time slot - and that's the way they found.

Hortencia (the blonde one) is a well know and beloved athlete and Isabel is also beloved with TV commentating experience. They're both mothers, so that's too is a appeal for the regular woman ...

Thank you. I hate reading all these dumb ass comments all the time. People want fighters to make millions per fight, but then bash anything the UFC does to appeal more to new potential fight fans.

As long as they don't compromise the integrity of the product, I'm all for whatever gimmick is going to grow the sport. Gay fighters, pink trunks for titty cancer, they should even let celebrities sit in on TUF tapings like they did with Tyson. Beiber has 52 million followers on twitter. If he was on an episode, that'd be the most viewed episode ever.

They were popular 10 years ago, now no one really knows wtf is that. Our TUF is a bad production even for TUF standards Phone Post 3.0

The idea is ratings by getting women and regular guys (and older people ?) to relate.

The problem I have isn't necessarily with them being there, it's with their opinion being spotlighted as valid or necessary just because they have competition experience. They come from team sports, MMA is individual. They are women who have never fought or trained or been hit sitting in on a group of men who tear each others limbs off.

But truly the worst and possibly counter-productive thing about their involvement is that they are uneducated about the sport and weren't properly prepared for what they would see. Their amazement/panic/disgust was too evident at times and the comments the made were not conducive to drawing in viewers but to pushing people away. Isabel said at one point "It's just so violent" on the air during a barrage of punches.

But hey... Globo does what it wants. Period.