TUF coach Blackledge talks Kimbo, Fighting & more

 We got to catch up with Tom Blackledge after what has been a busy year for the Wolfslair man.

He has gone 2-0 in the M-1 Challenge, coached on TUF and is now currently in Canada with Rampage on the A-Team set. All the while running his own club.

He talks about going on to make himself known as one of the best 205lb fighters in the world, coaching on TUF, Kimbo, Grappling Dos and Donts and a few other things.


Kimbo’s a really cool guy and not the persona you see on the net or the pre-conceived ideas you make about him and we were all pleasantly surprised with his whole attitude to the game and his lack of an ego.

Talent wise, Kimbo had good, heavy hands and that was pretty much it and he was honest about it and admitted it himself but he was eager to learn everything, every day. I think Rampage did a really good job in the little time he had to help Kimbo’s wrestling and overall game, so to answer the question, if Kimbo can get himself with a good team then I think he'll surprise a few people.



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