TUF Comeback season with Mayhem vs. Diaz

They scrap at the end of the season...I would definitely watch. Phone Post

 Not interested.  Diaz would probably be an amazing coach though, put him in against GSP after Carlos destroys him.  

no way would nick be able to wait till after the taping to beat the shit out of mayhem.it wouldnt last a day

So basically it would be nicks assistants vs mayhems assistants. Both guys would hardly show up. That's just how nick rolls, and mayhem I believe is 'ill' at the moment. Phone Post

Not a coach

He would be great for the eventual come back show though as a contestant.

Would make some great TV

Oh and I'm pretty sure he will make it back into the Zuffa fold. In today's day and age its all about being famous, not how you get there. Ever heard of Kim Kardashian?

I'de rather someone was famous for trashing a church than making a sex tape.