TUF E.2 in depth review


After last week’s incredible introductory episode, Spike TV airs The Ultimate Fighter for the second week following WWE’s RAW. This time the show started as planed, and got right into what it takes to be in the UFC. Dana described some of the details and then went over the shows two coaches, Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell, describing how each has a different style of fighting and training.

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and just to make it clear, Leben was NOT voted out

I also think the show is just getting good...
what do you think? I can't wait for the fights!


lol... I'm keepin this alive


tumbleweed passes by

I think that this episode was already better than the first one. Not that the first one was bad. I think now that they've gotten past all the shit about the guys discovering the house and meeting each other, and the actual competition itself has gotten underway, the show is much more interesting.

some of my friends who are not MMA fans said they really like the show

hahaha... Christopher Walkin invades TUF for a cage fight lol

"really explore the space."

TUF men, and you Chris Leben haters at home too.
" didnt know you boys was so sensitive."
"Chris broke the rules, he should be out, should we tell Nate??" No more drinking, no more having fun at the mansion in las vegas ...
serious business only, seriously!No good natured nicknames or teasing anymnore, save your energy to watch your back
Chris will get you too, he lied, no swizle exited

"It was just a SPRITZ!"

lol... don't forget to watch the next episode tonight
recap comming tomorrow