TUF E.5 in depth


The Ultimate Fighter
Episode 5

It had looked like there would be a brawl this week, watching the previews at the end of last week’s show. Diego and Josh were set to choose who would fight, and Diego stepped up even though Leben had called out Josh. Sanchez made short work of the striker, Alex Karalexis, choking him with a rear naked in round 1. This brings us to the next episode, where all hell breaks loose. The reason, drinking of course, what else ruins a good time by making people do and say exceptionally idiotic things.


anyone think Josh can pull it off, a few of my friends think he is in much better shape and with the wrestling, he should win. I am picking Leben by TKO, agree?

everyone thinks Josh will win???

I'm picking Leben by decision.

nice, awesome episode. I'm reading the recap now...

I wouldn't say he's in better shape. Leben was the only one who made it through the treadmill test and he was up most of the night drinking. So I would say he's in shape but I knew he would be training with Randy.

The question is has his takedown defense gotten any better. I don't think its got good enough to keep Josh from taking him down. Josh want try to stand with him at all. I see Josh taking him down and throwing punches and winning a boring decision.

If theirs a good bit of time left before the fight starts we will kinda know it went the distance.

I do hope I'm wrong though.

I beilive that several of the guys made it through the treadmil test but only Leben was shown. I recall reading that on here previously. Reality TV likes to twist things around to skew our judement.

yeah a few guys finished the treadmill test, I'm pretty sure Josh was one of them

I know Forrest was one


ttt for the show tonight

There is a very quick highlight of Koscheck and Leben fight with Leben on all fours and Koscheck doing a GNP.
I wonder if that is where most of the fight happenned.