TUF ep 2 opinion (very important)

Just kidding...

Anyway... I thought that the second episode, overall, was very good. While the reality show drama isn't necessarily what we want to see, it will help draw people in.

I thought Bonnar was being reasonable and the Diego was being a jerk. It sucks to have to be the one to say "Hey, c'mon, you're being a jerk" because then YOU look like a jerk... but Bonnar stepped up and did it in a nice way. I don't know the relative ages of these guys, but it seems like Bonnar is a little more mature... maybe Diego still lives with his parents?

I thought Chris did a piss-poor job of defending himself in his final statement. I don't think it would have made any difference... but I think you should take that time to say "this is why I should stay" - not whine about the other guy.

Finally, why did they have to have this episode without a fight to decide who goes? It is a limitation on the number of episodes or something? Seems like they said "well... we need 16 guys... because that sounds like the right number... but we don't have time to have that many fights... so we'll get rid of two in one episode..." which is stupid.

Only other explanantion I could think of is that the elimination fights are going to take a chunk of time (2x5 minute rounds uncut?) and that they didn't want to come out of the gate with that much screen time to fighting... that they'd rather have a couple episodes that are strictly in the reality show vein, to try to gather more viewers.

I can't believe those guys drinking when they've gotta train so much... we'll see if the "no drinking" lasts from either of the those two...

I could see that... but you would think some of that would be taken care of in the screening process.

yeah, I thought this thing was supposed to be pretty selective. there are plenty of MMA fighters available that could have shown up in better shape than some of the guys on the show.

I think it was a way to protect Zuffa/UFC/TUF from putting guys in that would get slaughtered and reinforce the stereotype of the bloodsport of say, UFC 1 or 2.

They want people to see these guys as legit athletes, in the same vein as boxers. In time, you won't have to press the hard training angle so hard.

pimmel - you mean they planned on putting of the first fight, so that two guys could go without figthing - hopefully the two weakest overall who might get tooled in the octagon? That seems possible...

Yeah... I doubt they wanted to have a major blood stain on the mat in the Ultimate Training Center Octagon to be the main point of discussion during the additional 6 or 7 bouts.

I thought Bonner was trying to incite Diego as opposed to correcting him. If it was such a big deal, why didnt others say anything? Its not like he was being a deliberate prick. Maybe Bonner should have just relaxed a little or talked to him man to man instead of like an obnoxious parent.

That being said, remember that we are only seeing the EDITED version of what happened.


I could see Bonner's point, then. When i was on ship in the Marines, pretty much all your trash belonged to everyone else in the platoon; so to me boundries are very faint. I think its very important that people realize that editing plays such a major role in the episodes. The producers are TRYING to create drama. Sure, I'm content to just see fighting, but millions of other Americans (and their wives/GFs) would be bored to tears.

Good wisdom, Goku