TUF episode 2

Can anyone tell me why most of the people I talk to think that episode 2 was better than episode 1? I liked Ep 2 but I thought Ep 1 was far better.

I thought they replay tonight but it doesn't appear to be on.

I liked the challanges, seeing Lidell all laid back being carried around was worth the price of admission LOL.

Could have done without Sincaid in the man panties though :)

The biggest problem with episode 2 was the incredibly low-budget challenges.

WTF are you talking about...those were expensive La-z-boys :)

They shouldn't have given the remaining fighters that were about to be kicked off the opportunity to grovel.  Fighters don't grovel.

"The biggest problem with episode 2 was the incredibly low-budget challenges."

Yea, I noticed that too.  They needed a little more creativity in those challenges.

i have an amazing and creative idea for challenges. why don't they put 2 guys in a cage and have them fight it out to see who deserves to stay. i know it's a little wild, but these are fighters after all.

Kwik, I think your idea has already been taken tomorrow night.

thats 1 week too late

Does anyone know what the ratings were for the second episode?

Ratings were 1.4. Same as Ep 1.