TUF Fights were sanctioned by NSAC

These fights were fully sanctioned by The NSAC, and WILL count on the fighters' records. They were fought in the cage, and under the usual UFC bout rules.

I saw where a few guys said they were under limited rules, etc... But nope, they are 100% legit bouts!

cool, thanks!

...but doesn't that mean that Sherdog should already have spoilers up in their records?

I was joking about Sherdog posting Pride results in records that you see if you click on a link for a fighter 's info from a Preview article about a tape delayed Pride show. GOSH!

lol No results will be up at sherdog's until after each fight from each episode has been aired.

They were on salary.

I understand that the Athletic commission drug tested all the participants well in advance of acceptance. In other words, they showed up in Vegas, not to fight but to audition, and the state dropped pee tests on all of them.

So they are all clean - they must have not checked for booze in Leben's pee!

The fights will be shown in full, with no editing at all (from what I am told). I think once the actual fights start (next monday night) there will be far less complaining from The UG (well, unless you count the idiots from fightsport that will find something or another to bitch about as usual).

My understanding is that the fights are sanctioned as "exhibitions" and will not affect any fighters records. I think the NSAC made concessions for some shorter rounds or something too.

If the fights are going to be shown in full, maybe it makes more sense now that there was no fight in week 2, which would allow for more time devoted to "character development," giving new audience members a chance to feel some form of investment in what happens in the fights (since the technique involved will largely be lost on them).

I read on FCF's website, and posted here by Loretta, that the fights are sanctioned by the NSAC BUT won't affect pro records.

They're going to be 2 5 minute rounds. Other NSAC concessions included the "private" weighins to prevent spoilers.