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I just posted this a few min. ago on mmajacked....y'all tell me what you think:

In a recent interview on TapouTlive internet broadcast, Dana White was asked about creating a women's division in the UFC or WEC since ladies like Gina & Cyborg will be looking for a home. Here's AN idea...dump the TUF British show and do TUF Women! Bring in female contestants with Gina and Cyborg as the coaches. Then, the coaches battle it out at the end. This will help to create more female fighters, just as TUF has done for the men. I think It's we just came up with a stroke of brilliance here....what do you all think?
can we get this Idea out to anyone who will listen. CBS Affliction. anyone?

i did not come up with this but it is such a great idea i want it out there for everyone to think about it.

A truly inspired idea, but Dana is not a proponent of women's MMA.

There has already been a show like this called fight Girls, hasn't there?

 TUF Season 10 with Gina & Cyborg as coaches and the winner's get WEC contracts and the coaches fight in WEC would be phenomanal.