tuf forum sux

I have been on the tuf forum since it started, and it just keeps getting lamer by the minute. I had a discussion with a few morons on there and after i clicked on their profile, i realized i was being put down and cut down by a 16yr old and a few punks who have never even been in the ring/cage before. Namely, franklee, gargefighter, and ultimatejason, (screen names). I wouldnt recommend that sight to anyone who actually knows anything about mma all youll get is a bunch of punk asses that couldnt kick their own asses.

Not picking on you here at all but.....

"I have been on the tuf forum since it started, and it just keeps getting lamer by the minute."

From: marcwolverine

Date: 08/23/05 12:57 AM
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And you will get that anywhere on this site. Best advice is to grow thick skin and fight back.

This part is pretty cool :)


Hell yeah it is. Good luck Silverback

real asian cowboy, i hear ya bro,and i did. the guy who runs the sight booted me out and then the next name i came up with was booted and then said he has my ip number and was going to contact sprint to permenantly have me removed for spamming the threads. which i dont understand, all i did was voice my opinion and exchanged words with him and a few others, in a "public" forum.

I've been on here since 99 bro. It only gets worse as more people join. I once had a guy tell me I was a complete idiot for the way I set up my armbars....turns out that he didn't even train. I won't mention any names, but he knows who he is.

hey marc didnt realze anyone else from hernando county actually comes on here. Where do u train at?