TUF future

Was reading in a magazine yesterday about The Ultimate Fighter and zuffa signing a deal for another 5 series'.

TUF4 which is to be filmed in a couple of weeks and is as everyone knows a 'UFC Veterans' series.

TUF 5 and 6 in 2007

TUF 7 and 8 IN 2008

My concers are if this is the case will anyone care come 6 or 7? Im happy about the change for 4 and would like to see further series' of the show be different from all the rest.

What do you all think and what could Zuffa do in the future to keep people interested?

Get Big John McCarthy involved more. Maybe they could interview him after the fight instead of Dana, or maybe in addition to. I haven't been able to see every episode so I apologize if he's been shown doing more than just reffing.


"i was thinking they should put 16 of the UFC's top lightweights on a TUF season and the winner gets the belt. it markets itself."

i like this idea

dude, awsome IDea

I like the 'belt TUF' as well.

I would really like to see a TRUE novice TUF. A throwback to old UFCs if you will. Get some title holding TMA guys with no MMA training and train them in MMA, show us how they get Novices to be 'MMA ready' giving viewers a more basic look at the start of training instead of established B level fighters that have the basics all done. Of course, the winner will not be ready for the UFC so a contract c/sh-ouldn't be the prize.

16 lightweights = Good idea.

great idea

yes.... in order to keep them alert with their fighting skills, they should be attacked by unarmed assassins at random times during the day and night

The lightheavyweight thing would never happen, UFC would lose way to much money.

lol@ pit fall.

Noovice TUF with 1-2 amateur boxers, cuple green wrestlers, toughman cometitors, etc. Then the training would actually mean something and novice viewers would see how complex the sport actually is.

Psycho MMA's lightweight title shot + best TUF eva!

How about an old school show, truly matching individual styles against each other. Boxing vs Judo, Kung Fu vs Karate etc. No mixed martial artists. Call it battle of the styles but introduce them to MMA trainers.

I guess the only hard thing would be making sure that the fighters that enter the show have not cross trained. I would love to see an olympic TKD guy in there versus a street brawler.

Another idea could be kinda a pro's v joe's approach. Older people that have some training but not at the pro level. Have them trained under the pro's and fight for a semi pro belt or amateure belt.