TUF Heavyweights Finale Results

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                                TUF Heavyweights Finale Results

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                    <p><strong>TUF Heavyweights Finale Quick</strong></p>

December 5, 2009 - 7:00 PM
Las Vegas, Nevada United States

Winner Loser Method Round Time  
Joseph Brammer v. Mark Bocek        
Dennis Hallman v. John Howard        
Rodney Wallace v. Brian Stann        
Justin Wren v. Jonathan Madsen        
James McSweeney v. Darrill Schoonover        
Matthew Mitrione v. Marcus Jones        
Matt Veach v. Frank Edgar        
Houston Alexander v. Kimbo Slice        
Jon Jones v. Matt Hamill        


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Shouldn't Schaub vs Nelson be here?

Jon Co Jones will be tested.

Go Houston, Hamill, Marcus, Titties, Wren, Hallman, Bocek & Franky!


Hairy Kerry - Shouldn't Schaub vs Nelson be here?

 Heh.  Surely an oversight...hopefully not refclecting popularity of the event.  :~0

Why did you only list the matchups and not the results?

 Just to mess with us

What a jerk.

fucken commercials.....

 Matt Mitrione

 Frank Edgar

 Mark Bocek




Jon Jones got robbed... He was gracious and will come back to take it out on his next opponents!

Hammil got robbed. Poor deaf thing had no clue he was being asked if he could continue. He probably thought they stopped the fight and it was over. He had no way of knowing they stopped it due to a foul, or that the ref was asking him if he wanted to continue.



 TTT , thanks Igor...

Big Country vs Fedor?