TUF impact on upcoming UFC PPV

Do you think it will increase or decrease the number of PPV buys?

Do you think it would be a good idea to go back to having a few prelim fights (or highlights) on the pre-show?


While the potential is there to increase the PPV buy-rate, I am not sure if we can quite tell if the TUF ratings are already the existing MMA base of if there is a significant new fan-base.

I do think it would work well to show either prelims, or highlights from previous Vitor and Tito fights. Something other then the incesent promo reel you've already seen a million times by then. Goldman and Rogan can throw a good pitch with some visual aides.

It's got to increase the ppv buys.

Not anything significant but any increase is good for Zuffa.

I think it will increase the PPV buys. UFC traditionally does very little marketing for their PPV's. It seems like the biggest amount of money spent on ads are for the pre-fight ads shown directly prior to the PPV which you don't get to see unless you've already ordered the fights to begin with. Kinda preaching to the choir don't ya think.

It could have a HUGE impact

1.8 Million people watch the TV show. If only 10% of those people buy the PPV...that will be an extra 180,000 buys

The UFC usually gets around 100,000 buys....that would kick it up to 300,000, which is what the UFC was getting in it's glory days (Royce Gracie era)

But we'll see how many of the TV viewers want to buy the PPV

for sure will increase. probably not much

I think it will go up a little. But just wait till April and then we will know more!

it'll help, but as jim said, wait til april! i think by the end of the show, you'll see a significant increase.