TUF looking up

Now that we're getting a free fight each week, the show is looking sweet.

Nice KO from Bobby, but Sincaid was game and the first round was very close. Hopefully he'll get a couple decent paydays in smaller shows now.

A true LHW against a MW is basically what that was.

You can't really blame the win on a size advantage. The first round was very compeditive, with Bobby up against the fence for a good portion of it.

The size advantage wasn't what landed that sweet combination on Lodune's jaw.

great episode this week though

a ko is a ko. loved it want more of it. Definitly better than seeing a fucking boat race, and log carrying.


anyone else rooting for Sincaid? he could have really used the 5K and I thought it was kinda touching how much he was really into the opportunity and his team

hope the show gets him some paydays in smaller events

Looks like they're gonna make Chuck give up one of his LHWs to even the teams.

GREAT EPISODE.they made the canoe challenge short, bobby didnt have much energy to fight due to the cutting imo

Who said anything about blaming the win on a size advantage? I merely pointed out the very obvious difference in size between the two.

Damn, I wish Sincaid would have won. Sounds like he really needed the $$.

To me, Sincaid looked weak. He never threw with power, and it looked like his body shots did not even phase Southworth. Sincaid was gassed after spending so much energy keeping Bobby against the cage. It was a good effort, but wasted.

I am sorry to see him go... he was funny.

well, at least the challenges aren't for elimination now. I don't mind them if all they do is determine who fights. I just want the guys to have a shot and be able to fight to keep from being eliminated.

sincaid ended up getting a job with Jeremy Jackson ( think - Momita posted something about it a week or so ago.

that's cool news about Sincaid, Sijan

Forgive me, but it's time for a big I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

Last week while everyone was bithcing about TUF I said 90% of the same guys will be back here 7 days later saying how good the show is. The internet is full of bandwagon fans.

Ok, I feel better now that I got that out of my system.