TUF Nations, who you rooting for? Where you from?

Personally I'm from the US, but I'm rooting for the Canadians. They're our neighbors, and just like us for the most part. Our governments may have their differences, but in terms of individuals, I'm down with Canadians.

I will add that it's an odd situation because I have mad love for Australia too. It's like my brother and cousin are fighting. Phone Post 3.0

I'm Australian. Aussies. This 3-0 sweep fucking sucks. Hopefully Tyler gets the victory next week, I believe he has the skills to pull it out. Phone Post 3.0

Can't believe Cote matched Nordine with Manawaroa. That was my pick for the finals! Phone Post 3.0


Aussies started rough, straight off the plane and into the fights!

The aussie boys haven't been run over, but they have had it tough, hopefully it will change soon!

Chris, Zein and Brandon did a mighty good job I thought!

My boy Richy Walsh should be up in the next couple of weeks, should be exciting!

One thing I've noticed too on the show so far, Cote in the last two episodes has done a lot of video research on the opponents, I'm not sure if Noke did, but they showed Cote analysing it...do you guys think it helped at all?

Im pumped for next week. Nordine is a beast and Tyler seems like a tough kid 10-0. The grudge aspect could make it fun Phone Post 3.0

Canada but I'm from here Phone Post 3.0

I'm probably going to go by person not by origin. I'll see what guy I like. Phone Post 3.0

Dammit was it on last night? My dish network guide showed college basketball on FS1 last night. Phone Post 3.0

from Canada, cheering for Canada.

But you would have to pay me an awful lot of money to actually get me to watch it.

From Canada and obviously cheering for Canada. Anyone know how long the Aussies had between getting off the plane and having to fight? Phone Post 3.0

Canada. From Canada Phone Post 3.0

Cheering for Aussies since the start but especially now because I don't want to see Canada win 6,7 or 8 of the match ups because it will make the show less fun in the semi final rounds. I think Canada is putting some of it's best fighters against Australias worst fighters and eventually it will get back to 4-4 or 5-3 (canadas favor) for the semi final round.

Canadian from Canada cheering for the Canucks.

Jack Skellington - Canadian from Canada cheering for the Canucks.
. Phone Post 3.0

Canadians from Canada. Elias seems like a fucking tool though. Nordine is hilarious Phone Post 3.0