TUF- need your help

I'm doing research for an article about the general public's response to "The Ultimate Fighter."

What did your non-MMA friends, family, etc. think?

Any help is greatly appreciated!! You can post here or email me at TraciRatzloff@hotmail.com.


hey tr14 ,

my girlfriend , as much as I hated to say it , loved the fact that the guys are always shirtless , thought the training stuff was cool.

I loved the training but thought the inside the house stuff was pretty much the same old same old . it helps establish characteristics of the fighters but its mostly the same as other shows.

my two buddies who arnt into mma , didnt like the inside house stuff , but loved the training clips.

Thanks! I have until Monday, so if they watch this weekend, fill me in!


My wife, who will never watch a PPV with me, enjoyed it and intends to watch again. She hated Chris Leben, thought there should be more Randy and Chuck and less of the vacuous blonde, and did not mind the shirtlessness or tighty-whities.

Her best observation re: Randy's ears. "I guess plastic surgery just can't correct damage like that, huh?"

Willa ford is hot!

My wife who isn't interested in the sport watched and enjoyed the show. She was drawn in by Leben's antics and will watch in subsequent weeks hoping to see him get pounded.

My girlfriend liked it. She was pretty tired, and we watched it at a time when she often falls asleep, but she enjoyed it enough to stay awake for the whole thing.

She hated Leben at first, and wanted to see him get his ass beat and thrown off the show. But after he did so well in the training she was impressed.

Which other fighters left an impression and why?

ttt me!