TUF predictions

Bobby Southworth will hit Sam in the mouth, knocking him in the fence for the finish (yes, again sam, curl up buddy)

Josh Koscheck will knock chris s. into the fenc, and commence hitting him in the mouth for the finish.

Mike Swick is just gonna hit someone in the mouth. use of cage does not show up on my crystal ball.

Gotta go with Florian, vs. Diego. Diego may not be able to take Kenny down, and if he does, he'll have to really work hard.
Forrest should beat Bonnar. His cut should be completely healed, and i don't see him being as patient as he was vs. Hogar. If he comes out hard, he can hurt bonnar.
Franklin vs. Shamrock will be a war. Franklin's standup should be the difference, so i guess i'm going with rich on this one.