TUF:Tattle tale b@tches ;(

WTF was up with Chris Sanford being a little tattle tale?Chris Leben as well.

I will say tattle tale becuase it felt like I was watching a bunch of 3rd graders in front of Randy"The principal"Couture.

Jordan snitching on Leben for going outside and then Leben saying it was Diego's wine.

Somebody once said to me "Dont worry about what others do take care of yourself and everything will fall into place"

^^got beatn for taking names while teacher was out^^

LOL@ "The Principle" Couture

Err...wasn't it Sanford?

seems kinda lame tattling, but i'd do it if i thought it would advance my position

Boobz I think your right. Edit time.

Maxpower snitching to advance is in the same class as banging fat bitches in order to make sure youv'e gotten more ass than your boys.

When I saw that all I could think was "for all their 'warrior' talk these guys sure are acting like a bunch of rats."

sandford is a rat bastard


You can't plead your case for staying by explaining why someone else should leave. And you just can't regain respect after telling on somebody. He gave Randy no choice but to cut him.

I just came here to say i am not from fight sport.

I swear.

No really.

By the way Semper Fi, Yo Ho Ho And a Bottle Of Rum, and so forth.

LOL @ Couture saying "that shit wont fly" and them bleeping it out.