TUF TImes 5 w/ Justin Wren, Jensen and Schoonover

  Another week, another TUF! If you missed last nights episode, Wes Sims accused Zak Jensen of leaving “fermented mayonnaise” in the shower, Matt Mitrione continued to nurse a shoulder that might not really be hurt, and Justin Wren choked out Wes Sims in a huge victory for Team Rashad, bringing them to 5-0! To get the inside scoop on what went on in the house, here is Zak Jensen from Team Rampage and Justin Wren and Darrill Schoonover from Team Rashad!

Here are some highlights from the blog which can be viewed at  www.thefightnerd.com/tuf-times-ep5-s10/

Q: Wes Sims accused of you of leaving behind “a family of Jensens” in the shower, what actually happened that made him think that?

ZJ: He is Wes Sims. Remember when he said he would never let the truth get in the way of a good story?  This is a prime example of that.  

Q: Justin and Darrill, what is your take on the situation?

JW: It’s hard to say, I don’t think I ever noticed someone’s snot being in there like it was. Wes went in there right after Zak and I was neighbors to their room and I could hear Wes scream in the shower. “Oh my gosh, what the F is this?” And then he gets out and is pissed about the “family of Jensens.” But that wasn’t too long into the competition, you think he could have held it longer than that.

DS: Regardless if Zak actually did it or not, I think Wes made it all up just so he could talk trash but I am pretty sure the majority of the guys in the house had to relieve some pressure…

Q: Was it snot or something else?

JW: I did not examine the family of Jensens so I can not say if it was snot or semen, but snot is only green or brown or red and the other stuff is… well, I think you can tell the difference. Only Zak and Wes know the real answer to that.

Q: Zak, It looked like later in the show Sims got you back by choking you unconscious? Was that retaliation or an accident?

You can read that answer and more including why Matt Mitrione was a drama queen, even to his friends, What Justin and Wes were wearing at the weigh-ins and  Justin's play by play of the fight and beating Wes Sims, and what the tattoo on his arm was that he pointed to at www.thefightnerd.com/tuf-times-ep5-s10/