Someone told me that they were going with 16 walterweights... Is this true?

Surely you jest.

walterweights are FAST

I heard a rumor that Joker once ripped a phone book in half...with his bare hands.

I heard he tackled a group of girl scout's selling cookies and then took their cookies...without paying!

I heard he looks in the mirror....and scares his hair that way! :O

It would be an absolute CRIME not to put Joker on TUF!

Holly Shit..... That phone book in the loby of the hilton was great! lol

Nobody thought I could rip that thing in half.... Ripped it in half no problem.

I would go for the show but those Idiots would not put me on it.....

The hair and the girl scout are all true!

Ya, I know spelling is not my strong point..... I don't even think I have any type of a point it all now

that I think about it.

But to answer, 170 lbs you sarcastic PRICK lol....

Your spelling is still 100000 times better than Tito's.

Joker, are you up right now? Guess who? I'll give you a hint...Joe and Chris thought it would be funny to change me screen name while we were in Houston...We Poke People??

But not better than Levens !

Hey Joker ,

" Hi , Im Destiny  " Im with the band .

Guess who ??

Joker Ron was trying to call you or dan for his fight gear for May 11 please email me at kaikamaka@hotmail.com.

As for the tryouts Ron Jhun made it all the way thru to the interviews he said there was 22 of the left out of 150 and only 10 was going to be picked. The first part was grappling he submitted his guy twice in two minutes. the second phase was mitts they only had him throw a few combinationsand they said that was good he felt his interview went good. He coming off of 8 losses to all top guys and he was fighting injured but now has fully rested and healed and will taking a bunch of tuneups to get him back on track again and back to his winning ways and get his mental phase back. Aloha


Lt.Dan = Adam L. ??? Am I right.... Ya those guys are funny like that. Joe is a total crack up! To bad

he missed training that day....

Kos'sBlanketBiter = ? I am lost on this one. Help a brother out!

Thats great to hear about Ron. I really like him He is good people but would be

even better people if he wore SPRAWL shorts!

Kos'sBlanketBiter = ? I am lost on this one. Help a brother out!

Oh Joker ,

" Im Destiny " Can I ride your fame and fortune ! Im a real nice Groupie ! Can I just be seen with You ?


Whaddap Joker?

Kos'sBlanketBiter = HKP! Lost a screen name bet huh... lol

HULKSMASH ; what up PLAYA!!!

Ya That TUF thing chaps my ass. Political crap....

Rolled1 must have a big mouth that needs shutting !