TUF was better than the Contender

-Better unedited fights.
-More action in the fights.
-The trainers fight for the championship belts after the series ends.
-Hotter Ringirls!

Seeing the entire fight was WAY better than watching an edited version of what happened. I would rather watch the entire fight unedited and make up my own DAMN MIND as to who won the fight.

My 2 cents.

I personally felt that TUF left a lot of room for improvement, but it is still infinitely better than The next great champ or the Next Contender. Those two shows were horrible.

duh its real fighting not boxing how couldnt it be better??

plus no douchbag like stallone in it i think i saw him wearing heels one show.

I liked it better but I did watch Contender and the final fight was good though for Contender.

I just got finished downloading and watching The Contender this week.

It is sooooo much better than TUF that its not even funny. Nearly every episode I was almost in tears and the show actually motivates me to be a better person.

TUF is a joke in comparison.

For the love of GOd, sign it!


I love MMA with all my heart, but think Contender blows TUF out of this universe. The drama in TUF was nothing more than the kind of drama you'd find at your local bar.

I want to see that these guys are fighting for something - that there's a reason behind their "madness" but from what TUF shows, most of them were just chasing a half-assed dream of being in the UFC.

In the non-MMA mainstream crowd, TUF attracts two types of people: Gays and Retards.

-I like mma fights better. I wouldn't go as far as saying the TUF fights had more action thought.
-I do like the unedited TUF fights. The contender fights are so long though, they wouldn't be able to run the whole fight w/o extending program time.
-Both were good shows.

Best part of the Contender was some of their girl friends and wives. DAMN DIGGITY!

i thought for the most part the fighters on the contdender were cooler ppl

I think that The Contender was a better produced show, but as for the concept behind the show and the fights themselves, The Ultimate Fighter was certainly better.

I didn't watch the Contender but I know it did horrible in the ratings and won't be back for a second season. Where TUF was considered a big success for Spike and they are doing another season as well as the live shows. TUF must have appealed to more than MMA fans for that.

"duh its real fighting not boxing how couldnt it be better??"

dumbest thing I ever heard

Jack Carter has scripted the correct.

the Contender was amazing Drama

I liked the Contender much better.

For the most part MMA is better than Boxing. Sure you get a great boxing fight every once in a while but almost every MMA fight is worth watching. TUF was more entertaining than the Contender for most mma fans, but the production value of the Contender was very good. Biggest downfall of the contender was the cheesy editing of the fights.

No way!! Contender was much better IMO. The attitude of the fighters was also much better. They wanted to fight the best, TUF most guys would pick the easiest fights with the undersized and out matched opponents.

Also the losing team in the challenges in one of the early episodes got to choose who fights who, how does that make any sense?

The contender was much better planned and I believe came off as far more professional than TUF to the casual viewer.

Contender was far better as a show. Also, can we quit comparing boxing and mma already? They are related, but seperate sports. If you can't appreciate the sheer beauty of what Mayweather just did to Gatti, or what Tyson did in his early days, you're crazy. That being said, I generally find the majority of MMA fights more exciting to watch.

They were both good but i noticed that my buddies seemed to like both but were more interested in the contender.

As a fight fan i HATED how they edited the fights on the contender. I could never really be sure that the fights really unfolded like they were edited. Like they were show a big flurry at the end of a fight but in my mind i wasn't sure if that flurry happened or if it was a bunch of clips pieced together or if it was a flurry from the first round ect ect.