TUF - What happened tonight?

I missed it. Who got to fight in Jason Pierce's place and who won the fight?

What else happened?

 Noah Inhoffer.

Frank Lester fought in his place vs. some guy named Faulkner.

Faulkner destroyed him in the first round only to gas in the most epic fashion I've seen since Mark Coleman.  He couldn't answer the bell for the "sudden death" round so Frank Lester actually won a fight, despite being terrible.  It was all pretty comical.

Faulkner was the guy with the mohawk that everybody was raving about?

Pierce is a puss.

Bisping is an ass.

Lester somehow wins another fight.


Am I the only one who likes Frank Lester?

AlexWysocki - Why did pierce get kicked off?

 Pussed out, said his leg hurt.

Didn't want to fight.

ya, destroyed is probably a bit strong, but it was clear round for Faulkner.  He didn't look like a D Level Fighter, he looked like he had zero gas, kind of hard to evaluate talent when someone can't get their hands above their waist to block a punch.  It was so bad it was funny.  Both those guys aren't close to UFC material....Lester is terrible and Faulker has 1 round of gas.

Lester will bang though.

Jason Pierce is just a pussy. He clearly was using his leg as a way out. Dana asked him about his leg and Jason put his head down saying it hurts blah blah but i'm mentally ready, even though the only real probelm was he wasn't mentally ready. Dana says he's not going to fight and Jason then tries to put on a show of how disappointed he is. He got what he wanted and that guy is a pussy.


I feel sorry for Pierce , he must wanna cry when he sees himself on T.V . What a Pudd , how do u sit back & let a Guy who three days prior got his fuckin teeth knocked out. Step up!!! when u got a little leg infection.. Wow hope the guy doesn't kill himself

 lol so he should just move into the finals because he hasn't been training and his leg hurts?

That's the most absurd logic ever.

Dana gave Pierce the opportunity and it was pretty clear that he didn't want it.

Dude, that was clear sarcasm, how did you not pick up on it?

Seriously, is Jason Pierce the biggest reject EVER on TUF?

You know what? That guy let fuckin' Rob Browning smash an egg on him and didn't do shit, just so he wouldn't get kicked off the show, and then he pusses out of fighting. They should have brought back Rob to fight in his place, even though he's a big retard too.

 is Jason Pierce the biggest reject EVER on TUF?


VectorWega - 
Brian Davis - You know what? That guy let fuckin' Rob Browning smash an egg on him and didn't do shit, just so he wouldn't get kicked off the show
Exactly.  He showed a lot of restraint and because of that deserves to be in the finals.

Dude, you are f---ing deranged with your Hendo hate and now your proclamation that Pierce deserves to be in the finals. You must be pulling everyone's leg. If not, I will never, Ever read or respond to another post you make again. You will be dead to me.

Jason Pierce actually beat Steve Berger to get into the house too

I just watched it on Spike they showed it again. Pierce even lies in the van when one of the US guys asks if he even told Dana he wanted to fight, and he said "Yeah, actually I did". He never eagerly told Dana "I want to fight".