TUF: Why no BJJ coach?

Why aren't there two separate coaches for BJJ and wrestling?

You consider Laimon a wrestling coach, not a BJJ coach?

They dont have a wrestling or BJJ coach - Randy refered to it has the "grappling station in the cage"

True. But why not two separate coaches for that? Don't most teams train wrestling and BJJ separately?

I was surprised that they didn't have separate trainers for standing and ground grappling, particularly since they have both a boxing coach and muay thai coach.

Not really sure about the reason...perhaps this was a marketing decision to minimize the amount of time spent on grappling (which is unpopular with a mainstream audience)

Because BJJ is highly overrated and ineffecient. It's the Tae Kwon Do of groundfighting.


Laimon is a completely legit BJJ coach, dont you think?

yeah... i'd say laimon is DEFINITELY a legit BJJ coach... far more so than he would be a wrestling coach anyway...

"Laimon is a completely legit BJJ coach, dont you think?"

Absolutely. But I though that they would have a coach to help them work exclusively on wrestling.

Im sure Randy helps his team on wrestling. and Chuck...well, i dont know what the hell Chuck does!

Marc Laimon is a black belt in jiu-jitsu I've learned a lot from Lewis, Charuto, BJ, JD, Reagan, Joe stevenson, and many aother good ground guys that are awesome at teaching but I must say, Laimon has an unbelievable method of breaking shit down. He is an unbelievable instructor. He has also done extensive training with the guys from team quest. A lot w/ couture, D1 stud Jay Hieron, and Tony DeSouza. He's working a lot w/ 3 time all american Gray Maynard and he's trained w/ Koschek and other big time wrestlers in MMA. He's trained Randleman and is currently training Mark Coleman. Marc has great wrestling and is able to break it down awesome in coaching. IMO, it would be tough to find a better coach for TUF.

TUF cast:

Laimon - BJJ coach

Couture - wrestling coach

The short dude - boxing coach

The Asian dude - kickboxing coach

Chuck - um...attitude coach?

Dana - the prez (he's just there to get himself on TV)

The narrator chick - obligatory pair of breasts


I also thought Laimon was more of a BJJ coach than a wrestling coach, though they did show the guys working on takedowns and pummeling

Both Randy and Chuck can teach their guys wrestling skills, but it seems odd that you wouldn't have a coach dedicated to that when you have separate coaches dedicated to striking with your hands and striking with your legs/elbows.

I think it may have been a way to economize (though that just begs the question of why they don't have a single instructor for striking) or just a way to minimize the amount of coverage that grappling gets for purposes of mainstream appeal.

Dana - the prez (he's just there to get himself on TV)

  • the catty gossipy hate on Dana around here is just out of control.

Its his fucking show that the contestants are working to be on, why shouldnt he be there? He's the boss.

Exactly, not unlike seeing Trump on the Apprentice...


"Exactly, not unlike seeing Trump on the Apprentice...."

Except Dana doesn't have a dead squirrel on his head.

I wasn't going to give this away because I had assumed that most people would actually have a clue...but my entire previous post was in jest.

There, the cat's out of the bag...I'm a big joker.

Apparently Wasa-B was absent on sarcasm awareness day...