TUF Sucks and heres why, the challenges have nothing to do with mma, but that isnt even the main problem the main problem is that they dont eliminate people based on who the best fighters are or who fucks up around the show, that doesnt matter.

Im not saying the people that were eliminated are the best and couldve made it in the ufc. But to not eliminate leben is bullshit.

This isnt the ulitimate fighter its the ultimate soap opera and they will not kick off people like lodune and leben because they are the two most dramatic on the show.

Keeping lodune around is BAD for the sport and the reason for that is, general public already think mma at first glance is gay from all the ground fighting, having some semi queer walk around in gay outfits def will not help the image.

Dana we cant support the sport if your trying to kill it.

The fact that you are so worked up about it, is exactly the reason these shows work.