TUF3 Details

I'm kind of fuzzy on the details for TUF 3. Is the season ending with Ortiz and Shamrock squaring off? If so, any thoughts?

Also, does anyone have any inside info on the lineup for TUF 3?

Overall, I was really disappointed with the TUF 2 fighters...they just didn't seem to have the heart or mental discipline to really make it.

yes, they are squaring off afterwards for a 2nd time.

that will be cool.I read that some where, they went to England and got some dudes from all over Europe and the US. so hopefully this show will be the best
one ever, the show is played on Bravo oversees and it is quite popular. TUF3 might have the best fighters ever!

I want Shamrock to beat Tito but i know it won't happen