TUF3: Tait Fletcher v Josh Haynes

Close fight, Tait won IMHO.

"it doesnt change the FACT that Fletcher has a MUCH larger and longer body .. 2 weight classes could easily seperate those guys .. and IMO if u cant beat a guy like Josh when u have that much of a size advantage I dont really see how Fletcher can compete with legit guys at his weight that are actually good pro's...."

Yes, Fletcher is deficient in his standup, but give Haynes credit. He hits hard and fought a smart fight. Tait isn't ready to be a UFC regular yet, but he was good enough for the show. If he wants to be a UFC fighter, he still has a few years to develop himself.

Which must be why you're posting on the thread.

scoffs at people that dont care but like to comment

This is a pretty good thread but it stikes me as a horror of hades, not unlike haveing one's liver grow back each day after the vultures eat it, for a fighter to post here.

A man does something like this for the thrill of the experience. For the pride. For personal reasons because in general there is little financial gain. Then the man comes here and is reduced to rubble by every hunt and pecker on the interwebs.

If you are a sincere person interested in self improvement just sifting through all the critics has got to beat you up a ton worse than anything an opponent could ever.

Good post (original thread starter).


I thought Tait won the fight.. or at teh very least.. should have gone to a 3rd round. Good luck Tait, I think that you can be a good fighter in the UFC, just keep training hard. I had hoped you would win the LHW contract, but at least you went out fighting coughNoahcough and gave an exciting fight.

I think it should have gone a third round. Both of us were game for another round. We both worked to impose our game, me standing and Tait shutting me down with the clinch and taking it to the ground. I have a lot of respect for Tait, he is one of the guys on the show that I came to like a lot. It frustrates me that neither of us got the opportunity to seal the deal in the third round. I am not going to regret a win, but I wish I could have given a better showing and I wish it would have gone a third. There is a lot of room for improvement in my game and I have been working on those things.

As far as the groin shot goes, I took a minimal amount of time to recover and I knew it wasn't intentional; it just caught me a bit low and kept coming up. As far as my look, well I know I need continue my weight drop. I will ultimately fight at WW. The opportunity came at 205 so I took it and put my weight cutting on hold. My cardio is not as bad as people think. Yes I breathe through my mouth (top/bottom mouth piece) which is just a habit I have, but I do 5 fives all the time at Team Quest and that is a pretty tough room.

I don't think it is low to be motivated by your family and the fear of going back to hard times is. If I have an opportunity to do something that will benefit them, like winning/possibly getting a $5K bonus, then I will pour every ounce I have to give into that, and if you don't think that's honest then...n/m ...that just pisses me off to no end. My family completely supports me and I want to give back to them by being successful in my fights.

One of my kids is a cancer survivor and to say that I am working that as some kind of angle is low on that persons part. It's a "Reality TV Show", kids with cancer is unfortunately part of my Reality...and on a TV Show they can show whatever they want. So for the minute or two they show me breaking down, that interview was longer than an hour with me being asked all the right questions to strike whatever cord they want to show. It was real honest emotion and I have no regrets about showing that side of myself. My son's story is a blessing and a miracle and deserves to be shared. Kids with cancer is a horrible place to find yourself in but probably the most eye opening place I have ever been in my whole life.

I was just a fan when I first wanted to fight in the UFC. I was a 330lb train wreck. But I worked hard to make my dream become my reality. I whole heartedly believe people can make whatever they want to happen in their lives. If you didn't get what I was saying, about being a great Dad and still pursuing your dreams, then the message wasn't for you.

I would like to say thanks to Tait for the fight. It was an amazing experience. I want to say thanks to Rory for his help in that fight. I brought that picture of my son on my own accord for my own motivation. It was a way to keep my family close, as I had never fought before without them present to support me. Rory did what any good corner would do. He found a way to keep me focused and in the game.

-Josh "Bring The Pain" Haynes



Good post Josh, congrats on the win

I got two little kids, I cannot imagine what you went through. The fact that your little guy pulled through is incredible, don't for a second regret showing that emotion

Good post (thread starter). As I was watching the fight (and the fight prep), two things stood out about the fighters's game (Josh, Tait, please don't take it as an insult):

  1. Tait needs to work on his takedowns. During the fight and during practice with Ken, the takedowns just weren't looking crisp: not enough drive and finish on the shots, technique might be missing on the single.

  2. Josh needs to figure out a way to advance on an opponent with a reach advantage without getting tagged on the chin. It seems that Tait was able to catch him and back up almost every single time when Josh was coming forward. There must be a way for Josh to close to his striking distance without getting caught with a straight on the chin.

That said, this was a great, very exciting fight. Tait has at least one more UFC fight pretty much guaranteed with his performance.


Nice post Josh, class act as always.

Casual Fighter,

I don't take your post as an insult. Constructive criticism is appreciated.


classy post Josh.You gained a fan in me and my wife from watching u on the show.Good luck in ur career.

ttt for Tait and Josh, two guys who made a fan of me.

ttt doesn't work for mudnamers...

. Josh needs to figure out a way to advance on an opponent with a reach advantage without getting tagged on the chin. It seems that Tait was able to catch him and back up almost every single time when Josh was coming forward. There must be a way for Josh to close to his striking distance without getting caught with a straight on the chin.

I think a lot of that will be corrected as he continues to drop weight. Moving down to a lower weight class will mean he won't be going with guys who are so tall and have such a reach advantage.

ttt for Josh, great post.

Regarding the fight, the 1st round was clearly Josh's.

The second was very close, but maybe the 'knock down' swung it to Josh based on appearances.

They are in the SAME weight class, measured by WEIGHT and not length and height"

No shit Einstein...but the TUF show is notorious for guys fighting out of the weight class just to fill slots to make a good TV show... Kos ,Swick ,Haynes ,Gurgel , just to mention a few , all fought out of their weight classes... When this tourneys done they will all switch to their appropriate weight classes ...and Josh H will be at least 1 weight class lower than Fletcher ...

Did you understand that better buddy ????

Kid with cancer angle - Maudlin and unbecoming a pro fighter BUT this is a reality TV show.  These guys are also actors and a little theatrics are in order.  Best wishes for the boy's good health.

"I'm gonna send him home in a wooden box" - Good for him.  He's building up a fighter's mindset and psyching out the enemy.  The fighters have to go in there to kill, and the ref's job is to stop things before it gets that far.

Josh - NO WAY were you hit in the balls.