TUF8 - Roop had broken hand

and then lied about it.

mmaweekly reports his weekly blog. In this weeks edition he indicates:

"So first off, let me start by saying that, yes, my hand was broken. I broke my index metacarpal. This happened in practice almost two weeks prior to my fight. ...I knew right when it happened that it was broke. ...

I didn’t go to the hospital because I know what the outcome was when the commission found out that you had a fracture or break....

Dr. Petric came in to work on my hand. His goal was to get the swelling down so that I could get past the pre-fight examination."

I wonder whether the LV Commission requires the fighter to sign a statutory declaration regarding their health (as others do) and whether he lied on that form too. It sounds like he lied to the medical inspector or otherwise intended to conceal the truth (if there is a difference).

I wonder further whether there will be any consequences for this man.