TUFearFactor With Joe Rogan?

A fear factor episode with TUF alumni and Joe hosting.

Thank me later.


And by that I mean that one of the stunts should involve sucking off Eddie Bravo.


I just applied for the patent.

I've been thinking of this for a long time. Rather
than TUF guys though they should do regular fighters. I'd love to see Chuck vs Randy in some kind of fear face off.

which episode is that or is it a new episode coming up?

remind me why nbc is going to promote another channels show?

Fear Factor= NBC

TUF= SpikeTV

a.k.a.  like mixing oil and water

fuck that. Have MMA American Idol instead.

LOL @ Sander

i think it got cancelled.

Rogan just emailed me. He's talking to the suits about this at NBC. This could happen!!

here is the email

"crazy zimmerman,

You are full of wonderful ideas. It would be in my best interest to put you on the payroll to ensure the future of my career.  How does 100k a month sound?


Joe Rogan"