TUFers all been exposed by real fighters?

Anyone else notice that the TUF winners that were thought to be star or even superstar material have all now been exposed?

Rashad Evans, Joe Stevenson, Stephan Bonnar (I know he wasn't the winner but still), Michael Bisping, Matt Serra, Kendall Grove, Travis Lutter, Nate Diaz, Mac Danzig, Amir Sadollah, even Diego Sanchez at 170, and last but not least Forrest Griffin.

Just an observation.

LOL at rashad exposed.

Only people with perfect records are not exposed??

Machida and fedor are the only two not "exposed" fighters.

Yeah, they raised their competion level and won some/lost some, just like every other guy out there not named Anderson, Fedor or GSP. What losers they are.

Diego Sanchez? Nate Diaz???? you consider these guys as non-contenders/no potential/over-hyped? Rashad with 1 loss to the current champion?

nobody who beat them had a no-loss record either so apparently everyone who fights MMA is a wannabe including Anderson Silva, BJ, GSP?

Rashad was tooled badly when he met a real champion in Machida. Same with Stevenson and Florian when they met Penn.

1080p - Rashad was tooled badly when he met a reach champion in Machida. Same with Stevenson and Florian when they met Penn.

I think you mean real champion. Reaching is what you are doing with this pathetic thread.

ok so they lost to the undisputed number 1 fighters in their division

what the fuck does that have to do with being legit.  they were all underdogs and got flattened, which is why they were underdogs.

seriously, I give a few of them credit for having their 15 minutes of fame but when they all faced the true old-school fighters they've been knocked back down to TUF status.

Also, It's the manner in which they've all been exposed by the true fighters.

Bonnar, Bisping, Evans, Florian, Griffin all suffered tremendously embarassing losses recently. Fights that show that they don't even belong in the same octagon as the top level guys.

The question shows the problem of finding answer you are looking for. No objective assessment of the TUF program would conclude it hasn't been successful. Do you really think that Machida would be a worse fighter now if he'd been in TUF? Do your really think Kenny didn't earn both of his shots?

Maybe that's because the real fighters don't need to build their career by being on TUF?

Double post correction.

In your effort to appear to be one of the cool "in-the-know" fans that is much more knowledgeable then the "Tuf Noobs" you have actually shown yourself to be much less intelligent on the subject of MMA then the average “CBS-Kimbo Noob”.

If anyone at this point can criticize the guys from the TUF show and claim they are not legit fighters, then they should just be banned from the site.

How long and how much success does a fighter from the TUF shows have to have before they can be considered legit by these so-called MMA expert fans?!?

1080p - Maybe that's because the real fighters don't need to build their career by being on TUF?
You're just now figuring this out? The purpose of TUF is to find guys while they are still primordial clay. They have been very successful at doing so. Would Fitch's career have benefited had he not been sent away at the 11th hour? Yes. His wallet would have gained benefit, as well. In another 5 years, maybe half the champions would have come through TUF.

The fact that the present champions did not come through the house is in no way an indictment of its value.

What do you mean by "exposed"? From the inference of your post I would also say that nearly every fighter on the roster has been "exposed" at one time or another.

The only thing exposed in this thread has been your blatantly shitty trolling abilities. 0/10 way too obvious.

i LOL at this thread

Wow you're dumb.LOL at calling Serra a TUF'er.He was in the UFC while you were wearing you're AuStin 3:16 shirt and watching the WWF.You're an idiot and a true TUF NOOB

Dude Torres got exposed last night, exposed right in the face.

Rashad is maybe the only elite fighter to ever come from the show.

Some people just buy the hype hook, line and sinker.

Of course they want to make it seem like these guys are the best. Its cheap labor for ZUFFA to have a bunch of no name guys come into their organization that they can pay chicken feed and still promote as the best in the world because a bunch of morons buy into that reality show bullshit.

The best fighters in the world are never on TUF.