TUFest of the TUF

 If anyone is interested in reading and reflecting (aww) about the Ultimate Fighter. :)

TUFest of the TUF

The Ultimate Fighter television show has been the biggest recruiting tool since January of 2005. In the time the show has been running it has provided the UFC with champions, contenders, and has helped shape the sport. The new season has started and tonight we find out who the remaining 8 fighters in the house will be. Every season provided its very own moments and fighters, which really was the best?

Season 1 of TUF provided us with something new. It was a reality show created for the alpha male. The inaugural and most successful season of the show not only increased our vocabulary (spritz), but single handedly secured a spot on the map for the UFC. Almost every fighter in season 1 fought in the UFC. It spawned the likes of Forrest Griffin, Josh Koscheck, Diego Sanchez, Chris Leben, Kenny Florian, Mike Swick, and Stephen Bonnar. This is by far the best group of competitors to come out of the show. Out of the names I just mentioned 1 is the current champion, and 3 are considered to be among the top 3 in the UFC at their weight class. Koscheck, Sanchez, Leben, and Florian are all knocking on the door of becoming a title contender.

Season 2 also had tons of excitement and a share of top fighters. This season had fun with the challenges and after Joe Stevenson completed 204 revolutions in the Scarecrow Challenge it was set as one of the top moments in TUF history. This season like the others was full of future superstars. Josh Burkman, Marcus Davis, Rashad Evans, Melvin Guillard, Jorge Gurgel, Kieth Jardine, and Joe Stevenson were the top names to come out of this season. This group seems to be full of average fighters with the exception of Rashad Evans, Kieth Jardine, and Joe Stevenson. Rashad could be the next inline to take on Forrest at 205, Stevenson is a few fights out of a title fight loss to B.J. Penn, and Jardine is on a current slump that he desperately needs to find a win.

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