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Saturday, 27 June 2009

 Where do you train and how long have you been training there?

I train at Gracie Fighter in Berkeley and have been there since January of this year.  I also train at Fight and Fitness in San Francisco and have been there since January of 2008.


What is a typical day of training and how is it different than preparing /getting ready for an upcoming fight?

When I’m getting ready for a fight I do strength/conditioning work in the early morning, then I’ll do some combination of sparring (stand up and mma), grappling and pad work in the evening.  Then I go home, pass out, wake up early, and repeat :)   I do competition specific training Mon-Sat, and either take Sunday off or just go for a run.  When I’m not getting ready for a fight I train single days, usually 6 days a week.


Are there other females at your gym that you train with? Do you train/spar with the men too?

I’m fortunate to have a great group of women to work with in the bay area who are fighters.  Of course there’s always more men training then women, so I spar with guys all the time too.


Women’s MMA is gaining popularity but has taken a while to catch on. With that being said, do you feel any additional pressure to put on a good show when you go in to a fight?


I want to put on a great show for myself and for everyone watching.  I don’t feel any additional pressure because it’s a female fight.

Do you get nervous before a fight?


Just right before, but as soon as I walk out that goes away and I just feel focused and excited.


Have you ever fought on an all female MMA card and are you excited to be fighting on the first all female MMA card in the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas?


I fought on an all female Muay Thai card last year and it was a great experience.  I’m excited to be a part of Tuff Girls, meet some great people and see some awesome fights!


What do you do for fun (besides fight and train)?

Training and work take up most of my time, but when I do have some free time I love you be outdoors – hiking, camping or just playing with my dog.  I also love to cook, go out dancing with friends or just read at home to relax.

Who in the sport do you look up to?

I like watching people who are innovative with the way they move and techniques they use – things that are out of the ‘norm’ but effective, like what Anderson Silva does.  I also like to watch people who really have amazing mental focus and tenacity, like Fedor.


What do you hope to achieve in the sport of MMA?


World Domination.  Kidding…There’s always so much to learn and so many ways to grow in MMA.  I want to continue to evolve and be the best fighter I can be.


Do you think we will ever see girls fight in the UFC?


Yes.  Women’s MMA will continue to grow in popularity and gain market traction, and eventually the UFC will have to include it.


Do you know anything about your opponent and are you doing anything different with training to prepare for her?


I train the best I can to support my own strengths and build my game.


 Have your friends and family always been supportive of you fighting?

Absolutely.  My family and some friends flew out to Vegas to watch my first fight.  Everyone’s been great and totally supportive.


Finish this sentence, the hardest part about fighting is…


training.  You push yourself (and other push you) as hard as you possible can then, so that when you get in the ring it’s the easy part.  It’s also pretty rough to manage working full time with training for a fight.


Do you have any sponsors/shout outs you wish to thank?


Athletic Body Care and Rupture!

 ^^The UG's own Fierce Trouble.


DreamerMMA -  ^^The UG's own Fierce Trouble.

 LOL. own me, huh?

FierceTrouble - 
DreamerMMA -  ^^The UG's own Fierce Trouble.

 LOL. own me, huh?

You wanna fight about it or something?   ;)

Check your email, we got something for you from Rupture.


RyannVonDoom -  I'll be there. Drunk. Screaming.

 I may be there as well, sober, working.

Im excited; thanks for the support and you better be there Dreamer!

Good Luck to all those fighting, especially OUR FierceTrouble! :-)



 good stuff , keep up the good work!

 Does anyone here have any connections to any tv or radio talk shows like Oprah, The View, Ellen, etc?  

It might be super lofty of a goal but I'd like to help spread the word about womens mma and we're setting up a fund so that a portion of proceeds from this show will go to benefit Jessica Bednark.  

I think it's a pretty big deal and we have such a great story to tell about womens mma and the evolution of the sport.  I'd like to talk about how I never thought I'd see women playing against men in sports and touch on Title 9 of the Education Amendments of 1972 and women in the military and womens rights and stuff like that.

So if you have any hook ups or friends of friends that can help us get our Tuff Girls on any radio or tv show, big or small, please contact me asap.


Jeff Meyer


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Fax: 435.608.TUFF AIM:

tuffnuffjeff youtube.com/TuffNUffTV



CLINTK9 - Ultimate Fighter w/Carano & Cyborg as coaches...

The girls getting drunk running around 1/2 naked would pull some ratings...
I sure hope Junie Browning doesn't have a sister.

Paige Zio post fight interview from Tuff-N-Uff Future Stars of MMA


I hadn't seen the interview.

 Never saw that interview either, thanks.

We are going to be adding Paige Zio to our sponsored fighters page pretty quick here at www.ruptureclothing.com

We are glad to have you aboard and personally I think the MMA world will see great things from you if you stay on this path.

  Here's a clip of Moa Palmer from Oceanside who's also fighting:

ttt for all of the women!

-an interesting and cool side note is that Moa is a 911 operator in Oceanside california and her commander in charge is a really cool guy who totally supports her. We chat sometimes on myspace and he invited me to tour around the police department any time Im back in San Diego and just wanted to say a shout out to LT. Will Raftis and the folks at the oceanside pd for helping support her!