TUFF-N-UFF Future Star Fighter Focus:Jacob Swinney

Video: Jacob Swinney vs Tom Morales

How did you get involved in Mixed Martial Arts?:

I got involved in MMA after high school stemming from wrestling working into bjj and always having a dream of training at XC.

How are you preparing for this fight?:

I am working extremely hard for this fight. Training specific techniques which I believe will help to defeat my opponent. Including specific strength and conditioning routines.

What do you know about your opponent?:

I know alot about my opponent being that I have previously trained with him for extended periods of time. I know he is going to be my toughest fight to date. And the most important at that.

Where do you see yourself being in 5 years?:

I see myself being pro in 5 years working for a big name pro promotion.

What is your favorite part about fighting?:

I enjoy the one on one sportsmanship of mma. And showing the that I have more will power to win then any other man I fight

What is your goal in this sport?:

My goal is to be a world champion.

Do you have any heroes or look up to anyone?:

Neil melanson and randy couture are my heros being that I have trained with them and they have shown me a tremendous amount of wisdom as well as respect.

Who is your favorite fighter and why?

I am not sure if I have a favorite fighter anymore. I enjoy anyone willing to put on a show. And I believe everyone has their good and bad days.

The sport is gaining popularity every day. Where do you see the sport being in 5 years from now?:

I think the sport is becoming the most popular sport in the world and will be in all countries worldwide in 5 years.

What do you do with your time other than MMA?:

I enjoy seeing family and relaxing when I am not training.

What do you do for a living?:

I am currently a landscape account manager and am working on my arborist certification.

What is 1 thing that we would be surprised to learn about you?

I am looking to start an organic garden and raise chickens.

Any shout outs or sponsors you would like to thank?

As of now I have no sponsors- hook it up!