Tuff n uff shirt give away

Ok its easy! its free ! pick the most winners win a shirt !
1st place
2 Stickers and your choice of
tuff n uff tee

2nd place
The other logo design shirt

3rd place
A tuff n uff decal

Winners will be picked after jeff posts the results .
Ties will be given to the first poster and the second poster given the next prize in order unless its for third .
As the card is finalized i will post . posting submitted until aug 22 midnight US eastern time ( sorry )
This contest is open to any one in ug og ect .
Only the final 4 fights will count !

As soon as card is finalized i will post the full card

Tuff-N-Uff: The Future Stars of MMA returns to the Casablanca Resort & Casino in Mesquite, Nevada on Saturday August 23, 2014 !

Michael Hobby (5-1) is no stranger to Mesquite fans. An Xtreme Couture prospect, Hobby fought for the Tuff-N-Uff vacant lightweight belt at the Casablanca Hotel Resort in March of this year. He defeated tough Californian contender Melvin Washington, who was 6-1 at the time, to keep the Tuff-N-Uff 145 lb. strap in Nevada. Previously, Hobby defeated Francisco Martinez in the Tuff-N-Uff cage in August 2013.

Also on the August 23 card is Cobra Kai Las Vegas top prospect Ian Lujan, who chose to vacate his Tuff-N-Uff featherweight belt to drop to bantamweight for one last Tuff-N-Uff fight before turning pro.

The undefeated IMMAF World Amateur Bantamweight Champion Sarah Jamilia (3-0 will take on Utah's Kaitlyn Neil who is also undefeated at 3-0. Both women want to prove they are the best amateur in this weight class, while maintaining their undefeated status.

More fights for the Saturday, August 23 edition of Tuff-N-Uff: The Future Stars of MMA will be announced soon.

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

Sarah jamila 3-0 v kaytlin neil 3-0

Michael hobby 4-1 v orlando griffin 3-1

Garrett marks 4-0 v eladio silvas 5-1

Bryce nowak 3-2 v junior lara 3-1 Phone Post 3.0

Emily Whitmire vs Cheri Muraski (125lbs)
Lee Cordova vs Brandon Everett (175lbs)
Michael Cardona vs Andrew Lipp (180lbs)
Milorad Nelica vs Roy Hancox (205lbs)
Bryce Nowak vs Junior Lara (145lbs)
Garrett Marks vs Eladio Silvas (170lbs)

Title Fights
Sarah Jamila vs Kaytlin Neil (135lbs)
Michael Hobby vs Orlando Griffin (155lbs) Phone Post 3.0

My picks:

Emily Whitmire (125lbs)
Brandon Everett (175lbs)
Andrew Lipp (180lbs)
Roy Hancox (205lbs)
Junior Lara (145lbs)
Garrett Marks(170lbs)

Title Fights
Kaytlin Neil (135lbs)
Michael Hobby (155lbs

What size 5 ? Good pics good luck And thanks Phone Post 3.0

Congrats 5 ! I appreciate you being the only one in the entire underground to take the time to post lesson learned its not the place for me . i hope you enjoy your winnings . I m me with info Should be some good action packed fights Phone Post 3.0

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