Tuition Reimbursement - Privacy

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs. The employees take classes, and then afterwards forward a copy of their grades and receipts to the employer or a processing center which handles the actual reimbursement.

Do these reimbursement centers actually call up the university and verify that the grades received are accurate? Would they even be able to receive such information in these privacy conscious times?

Can an individual just call up a university and verify that an individual attended a certain university and had a certain GPA? Just how much, if any, information do universities release?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

When I worked in a Bursar's office, it varied by employer.

Some asked for report cards/transcripts from you.

Some required official transcripts (sealed).

Some required a release and direct contact with University.

Universities will not release records unless you sign a release waiver.

Of course, most people that wanted the money signed something with their company.

I never had an employee refuse to give permission when reimbursement is on the line.

However, if you get caught doing something shady, not only would you face employment problems, the legal types here can tell you how actionable the employers stance is...