Tulkas, Question about prayer.

How can God the father as depicted in mormon theolgy answer prayer? 

To me a problem seems to arise since he is a glorified human who lives on or near Kolob or wherever he could not hear all the prayers. 

I came across this same problem in a sense regarding the catholic view of Mary. How can she hear millions of prayers never mind bring them all to God as a mere human?  A serious time problem here.

I asked the rev something similiar about Jesus being  resurected yet defined as God, and possessing omnipresence. His answer was good but I don't remember what it was.



That is what I figured.

I believe Jesus layed down His omnipresence when he accepted the incarnation. He is now omniprsent only through His union with the Father and Spirit.

the rev

Now I remember!  Thank you.

Hey cherrypicker, that's an excelent and insightful question and one that keeps a lot of thinking mormons up all night thinking. If, as we believe, God is a physical being, then he occupies a finite space....so how can he have infinite attributes? (e.g. be omnipresent) If His brain is a finite size, how can it hold an infinite amount of info....etc.

I wish I had any answers to that, but I don't.

Thanks bro.  Your logic is exactly what I was thinking about.