**Tulsa Lion' s Den Fighters Win**

Matt Wiman and Billy Conwell of the Tulsa Lion's Den both had impressive wins, in X-14 Extreme Kickboxing, in Tulsa.

Billy Conwell won via knockout with 3 seconds left in the first round by strikes from mount.

Matt Wiman won via tapout to armbar from the bottom, 43 seconds in the first round.

Congradulations guys, I am proud.\

Clay Marrs
Tul$a Lions Den


Way to go Tul$a!

Wish I could have been there.

Way to go Lion's Den!

Congrats bros!!!!!! Mat you owe me a beer at the hangout.

Okie as Dirk ;-)


Way to go Billy!!! My second cousin!

Big props to Mikeys guys out in Tulsa from the Jerry Bohlander Lions Den in cali.


also a side note

Matt Wiman was supposed to defend his belt and title at 175, his opponent weighed in at 193. So the fight was not a title fight, but Wiman took the fight anyway, he weighed in at 170. Weight did not seem to help the guy since he tapped under a minute. Then when Wiman went to shake his hand after the fight he spit at Wiman. Then his crew and him about got into it with the Lion's Den crew backstage post fight...but they quickly backed down.

congrats to the tulsa lion's den!

Great job fellas.. Conwell gets soem more exp and he is going to be very hard to beat.. Glad he is my buddy.
As far as that clown Matt fought.. His loud mouth BITCH about got his whole crew fucked up.. And nice singlet btw..

Yeah I gotta admit, the singlet was pretty dumb, and I am a wrestler.

I was pumped when Toby Tillman got dropped for a second. Even though he got the eventual KO. They keep feeding him chumps its gonna finally catch up to him. That guy might have been able to KO him, with a little more experience, and he was a chump.

That was a great KO of Spencer also. What was that guys name, he just laid Spencer out.

Congratulations gentlemen.


Did this Tard know the fight was at 175? What the fuck is wrong with some people?

Thanks MTD. Should be a good time. I was looking forward to a possible fight with spencer but not sure if that can happen now with him getting ktfo.. in the tourney anyway. I have to say he took the loss very well.. The guys charactor keeps surprising me. they were making excuses back stage and horace interupted and said "i just lost, thats it".
Anyway, dec 11th is going to be a good show. Hope we can get me matt and billy all on that card for some of the ole cuban B.. ahh yes, Cuban b!!

great show guys...ttt tulsa lions den

The fights that the Lions Den guys were in - were by far the best fights of the night. Good job guys.

Some of the other fights left a lot to be desired - especially the first and last fight. In the first fight, there was "Pit Fighter" who had perfected the art of ducking his head and throwing windmill strikes. And the main event was interesting as well. The guy that Toby fought lacked a little in the physique dept but still seemed to be doing well until conditioning came into effect - 30 seconds into the fight.

It was a fun night, but not one of the best shows put on in Tulsa. I wish Mikey would bring back the Rock n Rumble shows - those were fantastic.

Once again - good job to the Lions Den guys.

it must be the cycle of cuban b he is on..

MTD - Thanks for the compliment

By the way, what in the blue hell is Cuban B?